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D’Amore downtown wedding

We are so grateful when we have the privilege to photograph the sister of a prior bride.  It is like being amongst family again for a new celebration. Sadly, both brides were married after their father passed.  However, both paid such beautiful tribute to his memory.  Taylor has a tattoo with his signature, and her florals included a picture of him.  We also were able to photograph the sisters in front of their father’s office building where they remember visiting him.

As for Taylor and Doug…they are perfect together.  They and their friends were absolutely a great group to spend time with.  Clearly, they are surrounded by friends often because they know how to have a good time.  We loved watching their nephews walk down the aisle with signs for the groom.  We adored photographing Taylor and her mother during their special time before the ceremony. It was all just perfect.

Enormous congratulations to a great couple and family!

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