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Welcome to our new blog and our NEW LOOK!

To celebrate our new look and kick-off the 2007 wedding season with a BANG…we gathered seven brides; borrowed some beautiful gowns, mink stoles, and jewelery; collaborated with a hip hair salon and makeup artist; scouted out incredible shoot locations; asked a videographer to join the fun; and bought sexy red, peep toe heels and rubber rain boots for each bride. That was the start of a very exciting day we called the SEXY SHOOT!


We hope after seeing these images it will encourage more brides to consider shooting at alternative locations for their engagement and wedding shoots. Nate and I believe we live in one of the most beautiful places that isn’t necessarily obvious. The Midwest has incredible color and texture and landscapes…they just aren’t as obvious as a California or Colorado…they are more organic.


Regardless, our goal was to ‘marry up’ sex appeal with local, naturally beautiful locations…places you wouldn’t normally see a bride (like in a barn!). Who would have thought on their trip to Trader’s Point Creamery to pick-up some organic milk they would run across seven brides tromping through mud in rubber rain boots? It was quite a site, especially on a rainy day.


We told our seven brides up front that they had to be ready to play a part…we wanted sex appeal…we wanted them to feel like America’s Next Top Model for one day. Thankfully, they were all up for the challenge. We carefully selected ‘the look’ for each bride. After several fittings, we narrowed down the right gown for each bride. Then came the ideas for jewelery, hair and makeup. Footwear was decided long before. Nate has always wanted to shoot a bride in red heels so he got his wish times seven.


The SEXY SHOOT would not have been possible without the generosity of many people.

– First our brides…Sara Rhea, Sarah Bauer, Autumn Kendricks, Natalie Hendricks, Samantha Jones-Davis, Jamie Arbuckle and Jamie Woodburn. They were absolutely rockin’ with attitude. We are so excited for their upcoming weddings this season. Oh! And we had one token groom model for the day…Matt Crittenden.


– The gowns and mink stoles were borrowed from Brenda Kyle. She has a beautiful selection of gowns that we recently photographed for her. We absolutely and positively could not have done this shoot without her. To view her collection you may go to her eBay store, Bridal Attire by Laurels 90210.


– The jewelry was provided by the Estate Collection at Kristeen’s on Main Street in Zionsville. Julie Hole is a dream to work with and one of the most interesting women we have ever met. She is a vintage jewelery historian.

– The hair was styled by Danette and her fabulous crew at Platinum Hair Design in Zionsville. She has an adorable salon and truly likes to push the envelope. We love her!

– The makeup was created by Michelle Hage of Gita Cosmetics. We have worked with her on several weddings. She is fabulously fun to work with…funny and interesting. She says she loves creating beauty!


– Props and creative pieces were developed by Kate Berglund of KB Design. We recently posted some of her work on our old blog. She is a creative genius. So…if you want something unforgettable for your wedding, contact her.

– Jason of Creative Eye Productions followed us around for the day. We will be posting documentary clips of the SEXY SHOOT within a few weeks once he has successfully moved locations.

– Locations: 1) Plum’s Upper Room along Main Street in Zionsville, 2) Captain Logan’s Eclectic Boutique along Main Street in Zionsville, 3) Trader’s Point Creamery, 4) White River Architectural Salvage and Antiques, and 5) The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.


The Daily Sun for featuring the shoot on the front page of their newspaper…in particular the reporter Jamie Hall. She was a pleasure to meet.

– One final thank you to Jack Gambs of Antique Limousine of Indianapolis. We intended to shoot on his site but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. If you are looking for an incredible ride on your wedding day, please contact him. His cars are beautiful and they make for great images.

There are a ton of images we LOVED but here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!





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