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Family Owned Organic Creamery Changes Branding

If you live in the Indianapolis-area and have never been to Traders Point Creamery, you are missing a gem! You must plan a visit to this amazing location that is just outside the city limits. They recently opened a small cafe where you can enjoy some of their organically made ice creams, yogurts, cheeses, etc. You can even sit outside on a balcony overlooking the property. Perfect for a Sunday drive.

Traders Point Creamery is a quaint, family owned dairy located in Zionsville, Indiana. They specialize in the Brown Swiss cow which spend all of their time on their vast pastures. They do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on their land and the cows never receive antibiotics or hormones.

Nate recently took some images of their new packaging for their new web site. It is always a special treat to make a visit there. If you’ll remember…it was also one of the locations for our Sexy Shoot several weeks ago. Thanks to Harry for asking us to do this. Enjoy!tpcblog-0020.jpgtpcblog-0010.jpgtpcblog-0016.jpgtpcblog-0027.jpgtpcblog-0023.jpgtpcblog-0014.jpgtpcblog-0007.jpgtpcblog-0004.jpgtpcblog-0015.jpgtpcblog-0031.jpgtpcblog-0029.jpg