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FAVORITE BOOK | Harry Potter series.  FAVORITE MOVIE | Moonrise Kingdom. THREE WORDS YOUR FRIENDS WOULD USE TO DESCRIBE YOU | I think they would describe me as organized, stylish, and an unconventional leader. APP USED MOST ON PHONE | Netflix. IF YOU COULD LOVE INSIDE ONE TV SHOW FOR A WEEK IT WOULD BE | I would want to live inside 30 Rock for a week because I love the style and development of the characters, and the storylines are hilarious. FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY | I am apart of the crew that makes the costumes for all the theater productions (plays, musicals) at our school, and my sophomore year I costumed this one cute senior for our Legally Blonde musical. It was a whirlwind sort of thing and on the last show night he asked me to prom in the form of frosting written on doughnuts. I think it’s my favorite memory of high school because it was so unexpected! FAVORITE FAMILY TRADITION | My family does not really have too many traditions per say, but every year on New Years Eve we make and eat cheese fondue together. DREAM CAREER | I truly aspire to be some sort of physician, although I’m not quite sure what specialty. SPECIAL TALENT OF SKILL | I feel like I have a pretty good memory (mostly used to remember obscure movie and tv show quotes), attention to detail and design, and I’m pretty good at handling difficult people.

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