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Winter wedding brought together perfectly

For being a snowy day, it felt surprisingly nice outside. Nikki was super laid back all day.  She and Matt were troopers and did their first look outside on the balcony.  Her reaction to seeing her groom for the first time was precious and made us realize what an important part of the day we get to witness.

The junior bridesmaid was adorable, she hugged Nikki all day, and did her part by carrying her veil around for her.  We loved Nikki’s gown and winter florals.  They were perfect for the season.

The dance floor stayed packed most of the night. The maid of honor’s speech was a tear jerker, while the best man’s toast had everyone dying laughing (especially Matt).  The sidewalks had started to freeze at the end of the night, but they still snuck out with us to grab a few shots by the Love letters.  Huge congrats to this fantastic couple.

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