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Beautiful Vintage Wedding in Indianapolis

We adore Megan and Todd, and thoroughly enjoyed their wedding day adventure.  One of the sweetest moments happened at the beginning of the day. Todd couldn’t help but to tear up when he saw his gorgeous bride. Those are moments when we feel so lucky to have our job!

There were a ton of DIY details that matched their personalities perfectly.  Megan actually wound up changing her headpieces three times, including floral crowns, which provided for great photographic inspiration.

Even though there was only a 6% chance of rain for the day, it ended up raining off and on prior to the ceremony. But once it started the clouds parted it was sunny for the rest of the afternoon!  It is amazing how often that happens.  The ceremony was especially emotional with memories of Megan’s father.

The night went on like just the party Megan and Todd were hoping for.  CONGRATULATIONS!

VENUE | Mavris Center. GOWN | Monique Lhuillier.  JEWELER | Chicago Diamond Consultants. FLORALS | Jenn Z Designs.  CAKE | Joy Ann Bakery.  VIDEOGRAPHER | Kyoshi Colour.  DJ | Daze Entertainment.

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