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Book-themed Wedding at The Indianapolis Central Library

Megan and Tez had a beautiful Winter wedding.  We had so much fun with their wedding party starting at The Alexander with a stop at Ball & Biscuit on our way to their ceremony.  They were very clever in the way that they played off of the paper and book theme for a wedding hosted at The Central Library.  It perfectly matched their personalities.  Megan was so laid back, enjoying every moment.  Tez quietly took it all in.   CONGRATULATIONS!

WEDDING COORDINATOR | Jessica Dum Mattingly.  GOWN | Mori Lee.  TUXEDO | Moda Domani Custom Clothier.  JEWELER  | Tiffany & Co.  LODGING | The Alexander.  VENUE | Marion County Library.  CATERING | Thomas Caterers of Distinction.  CAKE | Indy Cakes.  LIGHTING | Evans Audio Visual.  TRANSPORTATION |  The Tipsy Trolley.  DJ | DJs Direct.

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