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As nearly everyone knows at this point (it has been all over the news)…my husband, Tim, was deployed on Sunday. He is the commander of the first Medevac unit from Indiana. They will mobilize in Oklahoma until the end of July and then leave for Iraq.

In an effort to keep many of our friends and family up-to-date, our dear friend, Mike Barron, created a blog for Tim. For all future information, you may go to Letters from Tim.

Nate captured some incredible images at the send-off.  While I have a deep personal attachment to these, I believe they are some of his finest. The images posted below are somewhat different than to those I posted on Tim’s blog.


Briggs Stoner. Tim Stoner. FamilyPrint.

timblog-0001.jpgBriggs Stoner. Tim Stoner. FamilyPrint.Briggs Stoner. Tim Stoner. FamilyPrint.Briggs Stoner. Tim Stoner. FamilyPrint.timblog-0015.jpgtimblog-0023.jpgBriggs Stoner. Tim Stoner. FamilyPrint.timblog-0034.jpgBriggs Stonertimblog-0046.jpgtimblog-0057.jpgtimblog-0077.jpgtimblog-0081.jpg