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There isn’t a better way to explain this wedding. It was pretty, perfectly modern and pink. Lisa and Bobby’s day was filled with a ton of meaningful details and special people. The first look with Lisa and Bobby was exciting, she was very very anxious to see him and they just looked at each other with adoration!

Lisa’s niece and nephew were super cute…excited about their special roles in the wedding. In fact, Lisa has a way with kids because she owns her own nanny business. They were important to capture images with as well.

We loved the pom-pom grand exit. We had so much fun on the bus with the music blasting the entire time. In fact,  Nate had to wear his earplugs ;).  The Conrad looked beautiful donned in pink with black and white stripes. Lisa’s sister’s speech was super emotional filled with sweet memories. It was an awesome night to celebrate a great couple.

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