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Book Themed Wedding at Central Library

Not only are Lindsey and Alex a gorgeous couple but they come complete with a whole lot of personality, great friends, Butler basketball pride, and family that adore them.  We had so much fun photographing this wedding. Everyone was welcoming, including us in the wedding festivities like friends.  The details were beautiful (we especially loved the nerdy glasses to match the library setting), and the overall feeling of the day sensational.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

COORDINATOR | Vickie Bellamy.  VENUE | Central Library.  CATERING | Ritz Charles.  FLORALS | Kathy’s Kloset.  LIGHTING | Evans Audio Visual.  DJ | DJBrad.  CUPCAKES | GiGi’s Cupcakes.  GOWN | Stephen Yearick.  TUXEDOS | DC Designers Tux.  JEWELRY | Distinctive Diamonds.

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