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Intimate Wedding with Vintage Elements

Lindsay and Matthew had a beautiful wedding full of classic and traditional details that reflected their style.  They even played off of their tandem bike as a design element.  We loved the softness of both her gown against the bridesmaids. Lindsay remained absolutely stunning the entire day.  Matthew looked at her in awe.  They really are such a handsome couple to photograph.  There were so many special, fun moments we were able to witness.  It was especially sweet to watch Lindsay with her parents.  They clearly have a special relationship.

As the ceremony began, Matthew seemed to be experiencing every emotion as he watched his bride transcend the aisle.  We love the church for its’ intimate setting and beautiful red door.  Their bubble exit into the trolley was a perfect transition to a wedding party adventure prior to the reception beginning.  Because the reception was held at the Library, they played off of the paper and book theme.  It was a great reception that ended with an awesome sparkler exit.


CHURCH | Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  VENUE | The Indianapolis Public Library.  GOWN | Lazaro.  SUITS | Bacharach.  SHOES | Ivanka Trump.  JEWELER | Reis Nichols.  CATERERS | Thomas Caterers of Distinction.  FLORALS | Posh Petals.  BAND | Soul Street.  CUPCAKES | GiGi’s Cupcakes.  RENTALS | A Classic.  LIGHTING | Markey’s.

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