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New Year’s Eve Wedding at The Alexander

We are now convinced that a New Year’s Eve wedding is simply the best.  Absolutely every guest enjoyed their night at The Alexander celebrating with Laura and Kasey.  So, when Laura told us she wanted a “non-stop party, living it up with all our family & friends,” she certainly got it.    They holiday wedding fit them well because they love to drink wine and try new restaurants, go to different art events and festivals, and listen to a wide variety of music.

As an event planner, we were pleasantly surprised how laid back Laura remained throughout the day…even when they were thrown a few curve balls.  Considering, their wedding was at The Alexander, it provided the most eclectic and perfect backdrop.  Their wedding party, traveling as far as California, Japan, and London, was so much fun to work with as well.

The reception was elegant and classic, and then the NYE bash kicked in.  The party was given hats and horns to bring in the New Year as they watched the Times Square countdown on large screens.  Then what could be better than late night grilled cheese sandwiches and fries!?

Enormous congratulations to Laura and Kasey…thank you for inviting us to your party!

CHURCH | St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.  VENUE | The Alexander.  FLORALS | JP Parker.  CAKE | Classic Cakes.  HAIR | Britt Douglas.  MAKEUP | Mary Frambes.  GOWN | Demetrios.  DJ | DJs Direct.

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