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We first meet KT when she was a bridesmaid in Sara and Marc’s wedding. Sara wore, hands-down, my favorite dress in nine years of shooting weddings.

I loved shooting the engagement shoot for KT and Dave in their adopted city of Boston. The weather did not cooperate, but we still captured some great shots around the Sonesta Hotel, parts of the Freedom Trail, and an Italian neighborhood.

Upon arrival to our beautiful destination, the Punta Cana Paradisus Resort, we quickly settled into coversation with their friends and family (an astonishing total of 80 plus made the trip).

The wedding day began at the Resort Spa where hair and make-up slowly progressed. The slow pace of Island life is wonderful…but not when you have a handsome couple you are eager to photograph. The chance of rain was also threatening to relocate the ceremony from the beach and hinder my scouted shooting locations. Getting a lot of pressure from the resort staff, KT insisted they would take their chance with the weather and continue as planned outdoors.

Once KT was serviced at the spa, she dressed poolside in a soothing cabana. As we moved about the grounds near the beach, it was fun seeing the contrast of formal attire mixing with all the folks sunning themselves.

The ceremony, with heavy cloud cover, was beautifully officiated by KT’s uncle. It was funny watching the resort guests and beach combers stop to watch the vows.

Immediately following the ceremony we took family shots on the beach as well as a few couples. After the cocktail hour, the guest took a short walk along the beach to the Gabi beach bar, for the reception. The outdoor bar/sunbathing area had been magnificently transformed with strung lights, white fabric stretched between palm trees, and the groves of the DJ.

The wedding party made their entrance with great flair, creativity, and spontaneity. The three-man leap frog train was our favorite. The party never stopped. The music soared with the spirits of all those in attendance. My favorite subject to photograph throughout the night was KT’s grandfather. For a man in his 80’s (just an educated guess) he was in amazing physical shape. He danced, ran, and even did a cartwheel (the latter was a failed attempt, but was a memory no one will forget). He is an example of what I hope to do 45 years from now.

The highlight of the evening came near the end. Back in Dave’s days at the University of Michigan, he and his friends came up with a creative party theme, the celebration of Michael Bolton’s birthday (February 26, 1953). Coincidentally, Dave and KT scheduled their wedding day on this sacred date. Benjamin, wannabe President of Mr. Bolton’s fan club, had t-shirts made to commemorate the event.

The long day ended lounging on the padded cabanas near the bar resting and talking. Pure perfection!


P.S. I would like to thank my mother and sister for watching our children while we were away.