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Beautiful Garden Setting for Jewish Wedding

Kait and Adam’s wedding was complete eye candy from start to finish.  From the images you would never know it was pouring rain for the majority of the day.  So much that it made wedding planner, Darcie Kornmeyer, contemplate some tough decisions early on.  With all that being said, the day was absolutely and completely amazing!  It couldn’t have been more beautiful or been filled with more love.  We knew that Kait and Adam were going to be fun…we just didn’t know they were going to be a blast!  On top of that, they are so cheery, in love, and fun that it made the day so special for us and everyone around them.  Their smiles are contagious!  Our favorite parts of the day: their first meeting, the New Orleans-style parade from the ceremony to cocktail hour, the sweet decor, her gown – gush, the bridesmaids robes, the chuppah, the parasols, the dancing…

WEDDING PLANNER | Darcie Kornmeyer of Circle City Planners.  GETTING READY | The Conrad.  HAIR AND MAKEUP | Karen Hall.  WEDDING VENUE | Indianapolis Museum of Art.  FLORALS | Royal Creations.  TREES | Engledow.  CATERING | Kahn’s.  GOWN | Liancarlo.  JEWELRY | Family Heirloom.  BRASS BAND | Bay Street Bassworks.  BAND | Zannadoo.  PHOTO BOOTH | Circle City Photo Booth.  TRANSPORTATION | Carey Limo.

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