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Autumn Wedding at St. Michael’s

Jennifer was so nervous…until she saw her groom…and then the day was simply perfect.  It was as if Robert’s presence immediately put her at ease.  We are so glad they decided to see each other prior to the ceremony beginning so that they could enjoy being with each other without the overwhelming nerves.  They were all smiles after the ceremony, so we made a tour of the city for some great photo opportunities on a perfect late-October day.  We were blessed to have blue skies and mild temperatures…and even some leaves still on the trees.  The reception was gorgeous with a mixture of table styles at the Scottish Rite.  It just never gets old photographing in such a beautiful space.  Congratulations!

CEREMONY | St. Michael’s.  RECEPTION | Scottish Rite.  CATERING | Thomas Catering of Distinction.  FLORALS | George Thomas.  DJ | Triad DJ.  CAKE | Heavenly Sweets.  GOWN | Demetrio’s.  TUXEDO | Jos. A. Bank.

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