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IMA Wedding with Baby’s Breath Details

We have a few theories on why nearly every outdoor wedding works out beautifully despite it raining earlier in the day.  Jennifer and Jonathon’s wedding was no exception.  It poured the morning of their wedding…so much so that their wedding planner had to make the difficult decision to move the wedding indoors at the IMA.  But then…something magical always seems to happen as the ceremony gets closer.  The sun came out, the weather was perfect, and the ceremony moved back outside.  It made for a very happy bride.

We were so grateful to tag along with this crew.  They laughed, danced, joked, smiled…all day.  Some of our most memorable moments were:  working with Wilmara, watching Jennifer get dressed with her mothers, seeing a few sweet tears flow, a high five at the alter after the pastor announced they were married, the baby’s breath bouquets, the stunning gown, the tackling formation for the bouquet and garter toss, and the sweetest father-daughter dance.


WEDDING PLANER | Wilmara Manuel of Madly Stylish Events.  VENUE | Indianapolis Museum of Art.  FLORALS | Lilly Lane.  CATERING | Kahn’s Catering.  GOWN | Vera Wang.  BAND | Toy Factory.  POPCORN GIFT | Just Pop In.

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