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Gorgeous Industrial Wedding at Canal 337

Jamie was stunning from the moment we laid eyes on her.  In fact, her bridesmaids were as well.  We loved that each of the bridesmaids selected a gown that was personalized to their style in a champagne, gold tones.

She and Andrew smiled and whispered to each other as we walked around downtown.  The wedding party provided much comic relief…and photo bombs!  While we were taking the wedding party pictures, Jamie was describing their first date.  She couldn’t believe she was marrying the man she met on a blind date at Traders Point Creamery. She said, “the date was so awkward.” But Andrew just laughed saying “It wasn’t that bad!” Jamie didn’t think he would ever call, but sure enough he did!

Canal 337 looked beautiful, and intimate for both the ceremony and reception.  We loved the soft, romantic decor, and yummy macaroons provided as favors.  The band, Lemon Wheel, seriously had the reception grooving the entire night long.


WEDDING PLANNER | Lindsey Romack with Ooh La La Events.  REHEARSAL DINNER | Traders Point Creamery.  VENUE | Canal 337.  CATERING | Thomas Caterers of Distinction.  CEREMONY MUSIC | Dolce Trio.  BAND | Lemon Wheel.  MACAROONS | Circle City Sweets.  CAKES | Classic Cakes.  LINENS | LGI Linens.  RENTALS | Atmospheres Indy.

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