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We LOVE spending time with new families at their home capturing them just as they are. I guess we just love the perfectly imperfect! While we appreciate and respect carefully composed newborn photography, our style is to showcase families just as they are…sometimes overwhelmed but also overjoyed with love within the comfort of their homes. Erica and Jason were a bride and groom of ours years ago. It was so fun for us to see them as a thriving family. P.S. Once a cutter, always a cutter…kids too!

Quiet time with mama and baby.
His little eyes just opened for a few moment during the entire session.
Here comes big sis.
Sis with her hair bows and sassy attitude…loves her baby brother.
A proud smile.
I COULD NOT resist the band-aid on her foot. Just perfect.
Scrunchy faces are the very best.
You can guess who is the show-stealer!
Proud daddy with his little guy.
OMG…the finger grab is perfect.
There she is again…photo bomber.
The crusty, flaky feet…a sure sign of a newborn.
A bit of a meltdown led to see screen time.
Sure…I’ll smile for just one…even though its a fake smile!
Once a cutter…always a cutter. They’ll have cycling in their blood.
Tea party with goldfish?
And this is why I love black and white.
Sleepy son.

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