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Lively Crowne Plaza Wedding

Ashlee and Phil‘s wedding not only included a cool, casual style but they just had fun.  Their wedding party was fun and adventuresome.  Their family was kind.  Considering Ashlee is in the wedding and event business, she was calm as could be.  She knew well enough that she should leave all plans, issues, and changes to the professionals that she hired.  Admittedly, we were worried there was so little time between the ceremony and reception to take pictures…but it WORKED!  We really loved the entire day.  We especially loved how she had the ceremony setup at the Crowne Plaza.  It was different, adding a great use of the vast space.  Once the reception began, it didn’t take long to figure out that it was going to be a giant party.  The introductions were hilarious, as each couple created their own special entrance.  And then the dancing was out of this world.  We are grateful that Ashlee is a good friend, and allowed us to be a part of her special day.  Congratulations!

WEDDING PLANNER | Darcie Kornmeyer.  VENUE | Crowne Plaza at Union Station.  MAKEUP | Karen Hall.  FLORALS | Royal Creations.  CAKE | Classic Cakes.  DJ | Event One DJ.  RENTALS | A Classic Party Rental.

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