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Classic Wedding with Emerald Accents

For as much fun as Ann and Tim had last Winter during their engagement shoot, they had even more fun on their wedding day.  Starting from the moment they saw each other, the day was filled with laughter.  We hit the Fountain Square area in pure style…a yellow Chevelle.  It was so cool for them…and Nate got to take a ride in the backseat.  Despite a bit of rain (it is good luck, right?), we made the best of some puddles around The Landmarks.

Some of our favorite moments: their first meeting at their home, that incredible green hue interwoven throughout, the laughs, the hiding helper holding up Ann’s gown around the puddle, the bow ties, the Chevelle adventure, the funny toasts, the dancing…and of course, the Pretzel Truck.

Our warmest congratulations!

GOWN | Enzoani.  SHOES | Kate Spade. ACCESSORIES | J Crew.  CATERING | Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering.  FLORALS | JP Parker.  DJ | Grapevine. CAKE | Heavenly Sweets.

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