Tiffany and Nate have been best friends since they were born…although there was definitely some hair pulling, wrestling and name calling involved. This brother-sister photography team, raised in Chicago, relocated to Indianapolis and began their business in 2001. They are the owners of Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, focusing on weddings, portrait and corporate photography. Their sibling banter is often warm-hearted, but they are regarded by their clients and vendors as fun, witty and adventuresome. However, key to their longtime success is maintaining a well-organized business with distinct areas of responsibility. They are genuinely honored and humbled to capture momentous occasions for their clients.
We are lucky to have a team of associate photographers we work with on a regular basis, and are extremely grateful for their professionalism and fun they add to our team. We also have a rotating internship position so that we can foster the growing group of up-and-coming photographers. Should you be interested in being part of our team, send us an email.
Between the two of them, Tiffany and Nate have six children (three boys and three girls) and two dogs. If you stop by the studio, you will likely get greeted by at least one of the pups. One of their favorite things they look forward to each year is attending the Sundance Film Festival. Maybe they will even get to Academy Awards someday!
Interesting tidbits! NATE: loves to bicycle, spent years as a guide in the Canadian Boundary Waters, bakes bread on a regular basis, used to play lacrosse and was a gymnast as a kid, you will often catch him listening to the Cubs games on the radio, drinks excessive amounts of water, and is a podcast junkie. TIFFANY:  loves boot camp, hot yoga and running with friends, spent years in the Children’s Chorus at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, moves furniture around her house on a regular basis, does a monthly podcast with Kristi Lee’s Uninterrupted, and denies that she is a cat lady but has four cats.


No two weddings we have photographed have been alike.  We LOVE this about our jobs. Each wedding takes on its own personality based on the couple getting married. It is our responsibility to make sure our clients’ vision is captured. We produce well-composed, artistic candids and photojournalistic portraits. We try our hardest to insure the traditional posed photographs our clients request move swiftly.  We certainly want everyone to enjoy the experience, and more importantly enjoy spending time with each other. We work closely with the wedding planners and venue directors to insure the appropriate amount of time is allotted to photograph the bride and groom alone. We come to each wedding overly equipped and well-organized. But most importantly, we come with a smile on our faces, often times with an enormous hug.  It is our hope that we will develop deep friendships and a trusting relationship. With that in mind, we believe the end result is that the photographs will tell a personal and heartwarming story.
Parents are all too aware that children grow up so fast. It is such a shame not to have each stage and age documented. We know that many consider Family Portraits stressful. Some mothers come apologizing in advance for their cranky or rambunctious toddler. So we try to schedule sessions at the most convenient time for each family, have as much fun as possible, change locations often, ask a lot of questions about their interests, and put families in positions that evoke emotion. There are always great images…and sometimes the images that a client doesn’t love at first, such as a baby melting down, they love later because it brings back memories they have forgotten. Prior to each session, we discuss the best options for a particular family and obtain details on each family member. As for Senior Shoots…just think of it as a great big adventure! We work with each senior to design a shoot that completely matches their style and personality, while maintaining some age appropriate integrity.
Our approach to corporate and non-profit events is primarily from a marketing perspective. We understand we are hired for the purpose of the images being used for public relations, marketing, and social media announcement.  Keeping that forefront in our minds, we capture these events knowing that key decision-makers and customers will be viewing the images. We recognize the importance of reflecting our clients’ brands appropriately as well. In fact, we are conscious, for example, that executives should not be photographed with liquor in their hands or company logos should not be transitioned to black and white. We work closely with the event planners prior to each event, to fully understand the flow of the event, critical time table, and brand attributes. We request information about VIPs attending events and posed shots that are important to capture. We also insure we photograph each venue prior to guests arriving so the event planners can appreciate the hard work they put in to coordinating.