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Indianapolis Winter Wedding

Abby was a bride filled with energy (as evident from her smile) and extremely organized (we love that)!  Anatoli, originally from Russia, is compassionate and kind.  They especially like teaching each other about their different cultures. Abby loves 80s/90s movies, and since Anatoli was not in the US during those years, they spend many weekends watching classic movies!  Anatoli knows a lot more about world history, and often pulls out random facts about former Russian countries. He is obsessed with soccer, she is obsessed with classical music….so they balance each other.

Their Winter Wedding was beautiful, and a blend of two cultures.  Thankfully, Anatoli’s parents were able to join them from Russia.  Abby was ‘Kate Middleton’ stunning.  The lace overlay and fur wrap were just stunning, along with her perfectly-coifed hair.  The decor in the Columbia Club couldn’t have been more festive around the holidays.  And, the Crystal Terrace is just magnificent for an intimate wedding.  We would like to congratulation and thank them for letting us be a part of it.

VENUE | The Columbia Club.  FLORALS | The Empty Vase.  MASTER OF CEREMONIES | Jim Cerone.  VIDEOGRAPHY | IndyVisual.

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