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Family becomes one at Scottish Rite wedding

So many things we loved about Courtney and Jim’s wedding!!!  First of all, we loved that they have been the most unpredictable couple yet entirely the most perfect.  Jim seems quiet, loving, and calm.  Then Courtney walks in and she is all gregarious, outgoing, and completely funny with a strong New Jersey accent.  Admittedly, these two would likely have never met but once they did…it was all over. It certainly wasn’t because Jim wooed her on the dance floor with his ‘Elaine from Seinfeld’ moves!  Seriously though, the most special part of the wedding, was witnessing them become a family with Jim’s adorable, sweet, and loving children by his side.  They all clearly love each other and Courtney is a wonderful addition to them.  They were not into too many details because it was about the people at the wedding but planner, Lindsey Romack, did an amazing job at the Scottish Rite.  We are so VERY happy for these FIVE!

VENUE | Scottish Rite Cathedral.  WEDDING PLANNER | Ooh La La Events.  CATERER | Thomas Caterers of Distinction.  LIGHTING | Evans Audio Visual.  HOTEL | Omni Severin.

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